About Us

About Us

Imports of France was established in 1976 as a result of a significant demand in the Australian hospitality industry for products commonly used in France but unobtainable in Australia.

The focus resulted in Imports of France securing a number of exclusive agencies namely Cointreau Gastronomie, Distilleries Peureux and Sevarome natural flavours, which to this day are unique and without equal.

Imports of France was responsible for the introduction of liquor concentrates and numerous other ingredients to the pastry industry, ice cream manufacturers, chocolatiers and the catering industry in Australia.

Since that time Imports of France has serviced these industries on a national basis using a network of agents and distributors in all States.

The company has enjoyed a long association with some of Australia’s largest food manufacturers.

Recently Imports of France has acquired several new agencies including Michel Cluizel couverture chocolates, Sicoly frozen purées and Solia Packaging Solutions.

Imports of France has a dedicated permanent workforce of fourteen employees. 

Formerly a chef, the French born Managing Director Philippe Vauzelle has had extensive experience both in Hospitality and Sales and Marketing industries.

Philippe Vauzelle
Managing Director
Imports of France