• KAPPA Carrageenan 500g

    KAPPA Carrageenan 500g

    CODE: TR600063

    BRAND: Tradissimo




    Pure carrageenan is standardized to provide a gel strength in uniform water. Obtained from red algae. It comes as a beige powder odorless and tasteless.
    How to use: Dispersion
    Dispersible in cold and completely soluble above 70ºC. Insoluble in vegetable oils, mineral and organic solvents. Dissolution
    Pour the powder (previously blended with the other with the other dry ingredients) on the water, while agitating vigorously until complete dispersion. Heat until completely dissolution (70 – 80ºC). Do not pour liquid onto the powder. It forms a soft and elastic translucent gel, thermoreversible, reconstitution capacity once broken if allowed to stand. The gelling happens when the solution is cooled (36º-38ºC). Under acidic degradation of the gel strength increases with temperature and the heating time. Guidance dosage:
    Use 2 g/l for soft gel; 10 – 15 g/l for hard gel.