• Agar Agar 350g

    Agar Agar 350g

    CODE: TR600060

    BRAND: Tradissimo

    SIZE: 350g



    This gelling is of great interest in the kitchen because it gels in hot, maintaining their structure. Agar gels are translucent, firm and clean cut and have a tendency to syneresis. It can be used for fruits sheets, hot gelatins, ravioli, cannelloni, .... It is extracted from certain natural strains of seaweeds and red seaweeds. It comes in white color powder. How to use:: Dissolution: Mix the quantity of agar to used with water or other cold and warm liquid to 80 – 90ºC. Let cool for gelling properly. Dose guidance: Use 2 – 4 g/l for a soft gel; 5 – 10g/l for a hard gel.