• Pectin NH Nappage

    Pectin NH Nappage

    CODE: TR600061

    BRAND: Tradissimo

    SIZE: 550g



    Pectin is the natural gelling vegetable per excellence. It is obtained from citrus peel or apple. It comes in the form of fine powder cream - white to light brown, with neutral taste and odor.
    How to use:
    Premix powdered pectin with other dry ingredients and pour the liquid preparation inside with agitation until fully dissolved. Dissolution
    The product solution depends on the medium and process which improves heat and homogenized well. For a complete solution, is obtained quickly to 80 to 85 ºC. In a medium with a high calcium content, hard water (> 80ppm Ca2 +) or longer requires the use of ligands. The optimal gelation is obtained after 24h. It is a white transparent gel; thermoreversible (from 80 ºC). Guidance dosage
    Use 8-15 g / l for glazings, 20-25 g / l for homemade marmelades