• Balsamic Vinegar - 10 Years Old - Italy

    Balsamic Vinegar - 10 Years Old - Italy

    10 ans d'age - Italy

    CODE: VB102

    10 Years Old

    BRAND: Le Jardin des Épices

    SIZE: 250ml

    UNITS: 6


    The aceto di balsamico di Modena is the original name for balsamic vinegar produced in the Modena region of Italy. It is made from trebbiano grape must. This grape is cooked until it loses about 60% of its initial mass. It is then placed in several barrels of different species of wood (oak, ash, cherry, marten, chestnut tree), to leave the vinegar time to concentrate these juices by evaporation. The vinegar is conditioned after ten years (in our case), but some can wait 50 years before sublimating our palates.
    Directions for use : salad, vinaigrette, carpaccio, meat, sauce, dessert, chocolate .....